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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Moving out for the next tenants

The 2012 graduates from the Ceramic Department have long fled the nest of the studio at UU and some are even exhibiting at the Naughton Gallery but the show must go on and the stage is now set for another group of eager and talented ceramicists to have their turn. 

Before passing on the fire though there are a few things you should know!; 

Never piss off Brian - you learn this in first year, he is the kiln brick to your kiln.
You think you would never steal peoples tools but this year anything goes.
If you're using a department glaze STICK TO THE SET FIRING SCHEDULE 
Buy your own chalk 
Do not throw out anything you make, even that 30 second clay snowman you made at christmas, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g counts 
Don't take any negative emotion from your classmates to heart, people get crazy 
Move your car before 16:30
Do not freak out about your dissertation its not as substantial as people make it out to be
Tom likes cake, really.
Go to every masterclass
Don't ask security/Derek to open the kiln room
Buy your own clay and learn to love it
Don't punch things when things get bad, there's always a solution
Have tutorials with tutors other than your own dedicated one, its great to have another point of view
Have tutorials with each other
Don't always listen to peoples opinions from a tutorial - it's your work BELIEVE IN YOURSELF
Supply baked goods to Willie & Chris before you ask them to do anything, they're nice really.
Expect people to pull work out of their asses
The studio is not for eating
Claim you're diabetic/Be diabetic for a constant need of food in the studio
Don't go to every masterclass
It's OK to stare at Michael's piercings
Sometimes it's good to let it out
You will have a dirty friday lunch every day of the week
Ask security/Derek to open kiln room
Always get discount in scarva
Clear out before you really have to
Take pictures of your work as many times as you blink
Bring pillows/blankets & always have a comfy chair
Window seats aren't as great as you think they are
You will fill those trolleys
Buy some shares from Scarva
Book a photographer as a group
Always ask for help
Use the red batman phone before you use the fire doors
Use this blog
It's not quantity, but quality, but sometimes its quantity of quality and it's always quantity over nothing
Your pen leaking on a page can be submitted as a drawing
Check your UU email accounts regularly
Do practice led research
This could go on...

HAVE FUN! it'll be over soon :D

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